Jellyfish Sting in the Bahamas

Across my eyes , that made me blind


My Husband and myself  took 3 of our children  to Bahamas in 1990 , we stayed in a hotel in Nassau , On the second day we spent the day at the Hotel Beach, all the people were swimming right among Barracuda and these thousands of jellyfish , I gathered my 2,4, and6 year old around me , took my under water face mask and dipped it in the ocean catching a magical looking jellyfish with really long swaying tenticals ,after they oohed,and awed at the beauty of it I then dumped it out and wanted to put on the mask and get under the water to see them drifting with tide in the ocean , The second that I placed the mask on my eyes I felt a massive burning sensation across both eyes and within 1 minute white as the sun spots took over my vision , my vision was completely gone , I felt my children grabbed all three and blindly pulled them back out of the water. I told my husband and he investigated then told me that when I dumped the jellyfish out it left tentical in my eye mask then he took one child and got a hotel attendant  he  told him the situation he responded with Ive worked here for years and you'd be surprised how often this very thing has happened and that my vision would be back within 24 hours and it came back in 15 hours ( It was only stinging painful for 4 hours . 

Pain Scale and Time Frame

 On a scale from 1 (being the lest pain ) and 10 ( being the worst ever pain) the first hour was a 6 on the pain scale the fallowing 3 hours was only a 2.5 on the pain scale.